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Well Known Model High Speed Heavy Duty Spherical Thrust Roller Bearing

We are professional bearing supplier and manufacturer,not only the trade company,we are engaged in bearing industry more than 20 years.And we have a wide variety,of bearings in huge stocks.

  • Features & Specification


    Material: Bearing Steel

    The Number of Rows: Single

    Load Direction: Thrust Bearing

    Outer Dia.: From 250mm to 380mm

    Advantage: Most Competitive Prices

    MOQ: 100PCS

    Country of Origin: China

    Transport Package: Signal/Industrial Packing-Carton-Pallet

    Rolling Body: Roller Bearings

    Outer Dimension: Large (200-430mm)

    Spherical: Aligning Bearings

    Separated: Separated

    Quality Control: Abec-1, Abec-3, Z1V1, Z2V2

    Company Nature: Manufacturer

    Target Market: Europe, Asia, USA

    OEM Order: Acceptable

    Our Advantages

    1.Experience: 20 years experience on bearing manufacturing and exporting.

    2.Customer: Exporting to more than 126 countries on 6 continents

    3.Quality standard: ONLY Above than P6

    4.Delivery Within: 10-40 days after T/T or L/C, pay penalty for any delay.


    Spherical Roller Bearings has a character of sell-aligning because the center of its raceway profile right fall on the center line of its bore diameter, even the shaft are bending slightly or the housing are inclining slightly, these errors of alignments cannot make the center of its raceway profile leave the center line of its bore diameter, this means the bearings can self-align, thus cannot produce other kinds of unnecessary strengths due to wrong alignment of shaft relative to housing. Spherical roller bearings can accommodate radial load and two directions of axial load. They suit heavy load and impact load, and are widely used in the fields such as metallurgy, mining, petroleum machinery, paper making machinery, construction machinery and large machinery.


    Guarantee the Quality standard ASSURED. In contract.

    Guarantee the Delivery time as ASSURED (MAX. 40D)

    Guarantee the Material as ASSURED

    Guarantee the Package As ASSURED


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    If you are satisfied with our well known model high speed heavy duty spherical thrust roller bearing, welcome to buy the quality, durable and cheap bearing with us. We are well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also accept the wholesale orders with discount price.

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