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Use Classification Of Ceramic Bearings
May 08, 2017

(1), High speed bearings: cold-resistant, low-elasticity, high pressure resistance, low thermal conductivity, light weight, small friction coefficient, etc., can be applied in 12000 rpm/Sub-75000 RPM/Sub high-speed spindle and other high-precision equipment;

(2), high temperature bearings: the material itself has a high temperature of 1200 ℃, and self-lubricating good, the use of temperature in 100 ℃-800 ℃ does not produce due to the expansion of temperature. Can be used in furnace, molding, steel and other high-temperature equipment;

(3), corrosion-resistant bearings: The material itself has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, can be applied in strong acid, alkali, inorganic, organic salts, seawater and other fields such as: electroplating equipment, electronic equipment, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, medical equipment, etc.

(4), magnetic bearings: Because of non-magnet-absorbing dust, can reduce the bearing early spalling, noise, and so on. Available in demagnetization equipment. Precision instruments and other fields.

(5), electrical insulation bearings: High resistance to electric arc damage bearings, can be used in various requirements of electrical equipment insulation.

(6), vacuum bearings: The unique oil-free self-lubricating characteristics of ceramic materials, in ultra-high vacuum environment, can overcome the common bearings can not achieve lubrication problems. Note: The above five types of bearings, the same set of bearings can be applied to high temperature, high speed, acid and alkali, magnetic field, non-insulation, but the material performance is different (see rare earth Ceramic material performance table) so please select products, according to their application of the occasion, to choose the material most suitable ceramic bearings.