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The Importance Of Bearing Work Clearance
May 08, 2017

Working clearance is an important parameter of rolling bearings. In the actual use, the bearing outer ring rotation, resulting in liner wear, gear operation instability, generating vibration, noise, friction torque and life. Especially in the high-speed operation of the joint reducer, the bearings of the important quality indicators, bearings are also important parameters.

In practical use, the working clearance of SKF bearing bearings will affect important parameters in the shaft. Important parameters in actual use. In practical use, once the bearings are applied, the working clearance of the bearings is the working clearance of the rolling bearings which will affect the important parameters in the shaft. In the actual use of bearings, the application of the bearings, once the adjustment of the improper clearance, will make the gear running unstable, vibration, damage the backlash of the gear, resulting in tooth breakage.