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Reasons For Abnormal Sound Of Bearings
May 08, 2017

1, steel balls and ferrule Raceway surface defects

When the surface of the steel ball or raceway is defective, a similar impulse noise will be produced. If the defect is on the working surface of the ferrule, the trace noise is always produced and has a certain periodicity; if the defect is on the surface of the steel ball, it may not produce the nicks noise, and there is no periodicity.

2, spherical deviation, waviness and roughness of steel balls

The steel ball has the most remarkable influence on the vibration and noise of the bearing, the spherical deviation of the steel ball makes the bearings produce low frequency vibration and abnormal sound, the waviness of the steel ball surface makes the bearing produce high frequency vibration and abnormal sound, while the roughness makes the bearing produce compound frequency noise.

3. Roundness and Waviness of Raceway

If the roundness and ripple of the raceway surface of the bearing rings are unreasonable, the bearings will be produced high-frequency alternating or Weng. The roundness of the channel, especially the roundness below 10 ribs, has a remarkable effect on the abnormal sound of the bearing. The intensity of the ripple degree of the ring surface has a great difference in bearing vibration and abnormal sound, and the influence of condensation is far greater than the sparse wave.

4. Structure parameters of Cage

When the bearing rotates, the cage is colliding with the scroll body and generates a cage noise. The generation of cage noise is closely related to the structure type, structural parameters, guiding clearance, radial string momentum, pocket clearance and surface roughness. Selecting the above parameters reasonably helps to control the abnormal sound generated by the cage.