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Full-ceramic Bearings Installation Instructions
May 08, 2017

I. Installation of ceramic bearings

When installing bearings, it is imperative to exert equal pressure on the circumference of the ring, to mount the ferrule, strictly to avoid damaging the bearing with a hammer and other heavy weights directly. In addition, if one of the rings (for example, the outer circle) is pressed into, this tends to cause indentation or abrasions on the rolling surface, and is not used, especially if the non-separated bearings are installed on the shaft in the bearing box at the same time, as shown in the figure, using the horn to balance the internal and external ring pressure.

Second, the cooperation of ceramic bearings

(1) Excessive amount

Fasten the inner ring and outer ring of the rolling bearing on the shaft or the bearing box. When the load is subjected, the relative movement of the mating surface of the ferrule and the bearing box does not take place radial axis and direction and rotation. This relative movement will match surface wear, friction corrosion or friction cracks, in order to cause the bearing, shaft and shaft damage, and then wear powder mixed into the bearing inside, resulting in poor operation, abnormal fever or vibration and other reasons.

With regard to the method of fixing bearings, in order to match the outflow of surplus on the mating surface of the shaft or bearing box, the matching class makes the distribution of the load equal to the thin-walled rings on the circumference without affecting the load capacity of the bearing. But the use of static coordination class to make use of static, in addition to the installation of the demolition of bearings is inconvenient, free-side bearings are separated from the move, and can not be used for all occasions, the installation of the relevant problems please contact us.

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