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Bearing Development Relying On Science And Technology And Market Development
May 08, 2017

Japan is the world's largest producer of bearings, followed by Germany and the United States. The advantages of developed countries in the bearing market are bearing quality and after-sales service, because of the higher cost of labor, they are difficult to compete with bearing producers in developing countries, in order to maintain a certain market share, many Japanese, European and American bearing manufacturers in China, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Brazil set up a number of after-sales service outlets.

Scientific and technological progress is the main factor influencing the bearing industry in the United States. The bearing industry generally adopts computer technology to develop some new products, so that the performance and operability of bearings are better and more precise. Because of the lack of skilled workers and relatively high wages in the United States, American bearing users need more flexibility and repeatable programming to reduce the need for skilled workers. In addition, because the car model update [LL] cycle is also getting shorter, the automotive industry requirements of the bearings with flexible performance, wide range of use, the debugging cycle is short, to adapt to the development of automotive production needs. The demand for high-speed bearings is increasing in the US aviation industry, automotive industry and mould manufacturing industry. Due to environmental reasons, many users require bearings to reduce the amount of coolant used.

American bearing manufacturers are developing new bearings to replace conventional metal-bearing components. These new materials have the performance of conventional bearings. Some cutting bearings also use lasers, discharges and high-pressure water technology. These new bearings have greater market potential.