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Analysis Of Common Faults Of Bearing Seals
May 08, 2017

Bearing seals are a very important protective sealing body, widely used in various pressure vessels and piping systems, when pressure in the pressure system exceeds the prescribed value, it can be opened automatically, leaving excess media into the atmosphere to ensure a safe operation of pressure vessels and piping systems to prevent accidents, while pressure drops in the system to work under pressure or under pressure to shut down automatically. The reliability of bearing seals is directly related to the safety of equipment and personal, so it must be paid attention to.

Analysis of the common faults of bearing seals and their solutions

(1) Leakage of sealing body

Under the normal working pressure of the equipment, the valve disc and seat seal surface is more than the allowable degree of leakage, the leakage of bearing seals will not only cause media loss. In addition, the continuous leakage of the media will make the hard sealing material destroyed, but the sealing surface of the commonly used bearings are metallic materials to metal materials, although strive to do a smooth and smooth, but in the media with pressure to do absolutely not leak is also very difficult. Therefore, for the working medium is the steam bearing seals, under the prescribed pressure value, if at the export end to see the naked eye, also can not hear leakage, it is considered that sealing performance is qualified. In general, the leakage of sealing body mainly causes the following three situations:

One situation is that the dirt impurities fall to the seal surface, and will seal the surface. There is a clearance between the spool and the valve seat, thereby sealing the leakage of the body. The way to eliminate this failure is to remove dirt and impurities falling to the seal surface, generally in the wind turbine to prepare the shutdown of the size of the furnace, first to do safety door to run a mound test, if the leak-stopping furnace is found after the disassembly overhaul, if a point furnace after running a mound test found that the leakage of security doors, estimated that this is the result of the situation, can run after the loss of 2 after the cooling of the back of the wheel of the rudder once again, the sealing surface scouring.

Another condition is the sealing surface damage. The main causes of sealing surface damage are the following: first, the sealing surface is poor material. For example, the main safety door due to many years of overhaul, the main safety valve core and seat sealing surface has been widely developed low, so that the hardness of the sealing surface is greatly reduced, resulting in a decline in sealing performance, eliminating this phenomenon is the best way to turn the original sealing surface down, and then according to the drawings required to re-surfacing processing, improve the surface of the sealing surface hardness. Note that in the process of ensuring the quality of processing, such as sealing surface cracks, trachoma and other defects must be turned down after the reprocessing. The new spool valve seat must conform to the drawing requirements. Second, the quality of overhaul is poor, valve seat grinding of the core of the quality standards, eliminating the failure of the method is based on the degree of damage by grinding or turning to repair the sealing surface.