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Some small knowledge about plastic bearings
May 08, 2017

1, plastic bearings are all lubrication materials, long service life;

2, the use of plastic bearings will not occur rust and corrosion resistance, and metal bearings are prone to rust can not be used in chemical fluids;

3, the quality of plastic bearings is lighter than metal, which is more suitable for modern light-weight design trends;

4, plastic bearing manufacturing costs less than metal, plastic bearings are used in injection molding processing into a relatively suitable mass production;

5, plastic bearings in the operation of no noise, has a certain function of vibration absorption;

6, plastic sliding bearings are suitable for high and low temperature work -200~+250 degrees;

Plastic sliding bearings can not only be made into the shape of bushings, can also be made of plastic linear sliding bearings, but the premise is made of the material must undergo self-lubricating improvement to improve its comprehensive wear resistance; the common CSB-LIN plastic linear bearings in the market, for example, are made of materials through lubricants and reinforced fiber modified engineering plastics, and their wear-resisting properties are excellent.

Because the plastic sliding bearings have many advantages over the metallic sliding bearings, at present, the production of plastic bearings is expanding, the use of plastic bearings is also constantly extending, from fitness equipment to office equipment and automotive industry and so on the use of plastic bearings, the current road on the car does not use plastic bearings.

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