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Sealing of bearings
May 08, 2017

The seal of the bearing can be divided into the self-belt seal and the external seal. The so-called bearing self seal is the bearing itself system caused by the sealing performance device. such as bearings with dust cover, sealing rings and so on. This sealing occupies a very small space, easy installation and disassembly, the cost is also relatively low.

The so-called bearing sealing performance device, is the installation of the end cap and other internal system to create a variety of performance sealing devices.

The choice of bearing sealing should be considered the following main factors:

1. Bearing lubricants and types (grease and lubricants);

2. The working environment of the bearing, occupy the space size;

3. The bearing structure of the shaft is advantageous, allowing angular deviation;

4. The circumferential velocity of the sealing surface;

5. The working temperature of the bearing;

6. Manufacturing costs.

Bearing in addition seal is divided into non-contact and contact type two. The following are described in:

1 Non-contact sealing

Non-contact Seal is the seal of the relative movement of the parts do not contact, and have proper clearance of sealing. This form of sealing, in the work of almost no friction heat, no wear, especially suitable for high-speed and high temperature occasions. The non-contact seal is commonly used in different forms, such as clearance type, labyrinth type and washer type, which are used in various occasions.

The clearance of non-contact seals is best as small as possible.

2 Contact Seal

The contact seal is sealed with the relative moving parts and has no clearance. This seal is due to the direct contact with the fittings and the friction in the work, the heat is also large, easy to cause bad lubrication, contact surface easy rub damage, resulting in sealing effect and performance degradation. Therefore, it only applies to medium and low speed working conditions. Contact sealing is commonly used in the form of blankets seal, skin bowl sealing and other structural forms, applied to different occasions.

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