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Non-standard bearings use and installation process considerations
May 08, 2017

1, how to qualify the position of the shaft, including radial and axial positions is the first to consider the problem.

The general shaft adopts double-support structure, and the radial position of the shaft is limited by two support, each bearing should have the non-standard bearings with radial positioning function. The axial displacement of two support can also be limited by One direction of the axial displacement by a bearing limit of two directions, in general, the different axial positioning mode can get different operation accuracy. Therefore, the design of the supporting structure should be based on the operation of the shaft precision and working conditions, select the specific plan of axial positioning.

2, in the meantime under the radial load and axial load, the bearings are often used in pairs of installation.

Non-standard bearings are arranged in pairs of three ways. The two bearing outer ring wide end surface is relatively installed, said back-to-back installation. The two supporting force points fall outside the support span. This arrangement is due to the large span of support, shaft cantilever when the steel is good, the shaft when the elongation at heat, the outer ring is out of the trend, so the shaft will not die, so the use of more extensive. However, if the preload installation is used, the preload will decrease when the shaft is heated. The narrow end face of the outer ring of two bearings is said to be mounted face-to-face. Two supporting force points fall within the support span. This arrangement is simple structure, disassembly, debugging is more convenient to use, it is also widely used in the short shaft and temperature rise is not high, but should be aware that there must be spare clearance. Axial clearance is not too large, the General Assembly to reduce the operation of the shaft accuracy. When the axial load is larger, it is often used in tandem with the relative mounting of the outer ring width and narrow face when bearing multiple bearings simultaneously. Each bearing force is dropped on the same side of the bearing, and said the same alignment and series. This arrangement should be used to pay attention to the structural and manufacturing to ensure that each imported bearings can withstand the load evenly.

3, the machine in operation, the general spindle or the transmission shaft temperature is higher than the adjacent parts temperature, so the shaft will be hot elongation.

In order to maintain the rotational flexibility of the shaft, in the design of the supporting structure, the requirement of axial heat expansion should be considered while satisfying the accuracy of axial positioning. Axial positioning and axial scaling are relative.

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