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Lubrication purpose of bearings
May 08, 2017

The lubrication of rolling bearings is to reduce the internal friction and abrasion of the bearings and prevent the burning of adhesion. Its lubricating effect is as follows.

1, reduces friction and abrasion

The contact part of the bearing rings, the rolling body and the cage is made to prevent metal contact and reduce friction and abrasion.

2, prolong the fatigue life

Rolling fatigue life of bearings, in rotation, the rolling contact surface lubrication is good, the extension; Conversely, the oil viscosity is low, the lubricant film thickness is not good, then shorten.

3, exhaust friction heat, cooling

The circulating feeding method can be used oil to expel heat from friction, or heat from outside, cooling. Prevent the bearing from overheating, to prevent the lubricating oil itself aging.

4, others

It also prevents the foreign body invading the bearing inside, or prevents the rust, the corrosion effect.

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