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Development foreground of plastic bearings
May 08, 2017

At present, the development of plastic bearings abroad is very fast, the wider range of applications. and plastic bearing in China is still in the initial stage, in the raw materials production, product applications are relatively inadequate. According to the relevant parties not complete statistics, nearly five years, the domestic general-purpose polycarbonate, POM, polyamide, thermoplastic resins, modified polyphenylene oxide and other five major engineering plastics and market demand has maintained a high speed of 30.3% growth, and China's plastics bearings mainly rely on imports.

In recent years, Engineering plastics products have been widely used for their excellent performances. The plastic bearings are being welcomed by more and more users, which has broad application foreground in the bearings.

Because of the excellent self-lubricating, abrasion resistance, low friction and special anti-occlusal properties, Engineering Plastics can work normally even in the condition of poor lubrication, so it is ideal for bearing materials.

Therefore, to the plastics enterprises concerned, seize the market opportunities and develop related plastic bearing products, the market prospects are very enormous.

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